Customer Journey – Expansion (MeetUp / Office Hours)

This MeetUp was organized by Rachel Ward.

Topics Discussed:

Customer Journeys
How many customer journey maps do you need? How do customer journeys and customer segments intertwine? Do you have a journey for each segment?
Who are the internal stakeholders to define customer journey? Who should own this?
Where should I get research for a customer journey map?
Does anyone have their customer journey map they’re willing to share?
Should customer-journey maps be used for evaluating current-state experiences or designing ideal-state experiences?
Importance of building a persona first, then developing customer journey map from that. + Tips to advocate for this internally?
How do you communicate the value and time spent on a customer journey map to other stakeholders?
Customer Lifecycle
How do the customer lifecycle and the customer journey work together? How does customer marketing and lifecycle marketing work together?
If demand generation and customer marketing are seperate, how do you align to create customer lifecycle marketing?
How does everyone here engage their customers along their lifecycle?
How do you score customers?
* Customer Surveys (incentive or no incentive?)