Customer Marketing Metrics – Expansion (MeetUp / Office Hours)


Meeting Notes here:

Jun 23, 2022 | Customer Marketing Meetup – Reporting on Expansion Campaign Performance

Meeting Topic:

  • This month’s meetup, by popular vote, will be centered around measuring success within our expansion campaigns.

    Come ready to share what metrics you’re using today, what you’re doing to set yourself up ahead of campaigns for determining success, and more.

    Please drop any questions around expansion campaign reporting into the meeting notes (attached) ahead of time to get the conversation started.


Meeting Notes:

  1. Current challenges:
    1. Pipeline (channels in dollars spent, but not a lot of measurement capabilities on adoption and advocacy, etc.)
    2. Challenges around attribution and measuring it
      1. What is the time frame?
    3. Are we double counting?
    4. Which attribution model do you use?
  2. Current focuses:
    1. Expanding client base into new services
    2. Adding new products
    3. Increasing usage
  3. What others are measuring/which tools?:
    1. A few teams are using Bizable
    2. From Shetal (CultureAmp) on using Bizable
      1. W-shaped for prospects
      2. Influenced attribution for customer marketing (equal percentage amount for different marketing touches)
        1. Last touch gets the most weight
      3. After 6-months you’re a renewal, and marketing no longer gets credit
        1. If new product is added, marketing gets credit
  4. What are the best metrics for success with Expansion (group poll/high level)?
    1. How the community is measuring expansion:
      1. Influenced and sourced
      2. Measure webinars and emails performance/engagement
      3. Content performance/engagement
      4. MQLs (CMQLs or MQCs)
        1. Conversion as well (how many turned into SQLs/SQCs/CSQLs)
      5. Pipeline (main metric)
        1. But many working towards getting more granular around conversion rates


  1. Next topics:
    1. ABM platforms for Customer Expansion, best practices and idea sharing
      1. Mary to invite someone from an ABM platform to share how we can use their platform for customer expansion