• Ryan

    January 3, 2023 at 8:29 am
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    I always make sure that any gift I send is always personal, genuine, and relevant.

    Here’s a personal example from when my wife and I welcomed our 9-month-old into our family:

    I received three sends in response to this.

    1. The first was a well-thought-out gift box with a baby bath towel, a toy for him, a hat, and a handwritten note saying how excited they were for us. I loved this send because we could use all three immediately and I could tell they took time to think through this.
    2. The second was a gift from the company I work for. It was a letter that my boss handwrote giving us all the encouragement we needed as new parents along with a custom baby blanket with his name on it to keep him warm. We still use the blanket to this day, and it’s one of his favorites. Another great gift.
    3. The third was a simple GrubHub gift card with the note: “We all need a break, especially new parents. Congrats!”

    These were all well thought out, relevant to me, personal, and genuine. It you meet that criteria, you can’t go wrong!