• Aaron

    February 3, 2023 at 11:54 am
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    Love this thread, I might have to steal it as a discussion topic for my Community 😆

    For me:

    1. Complete a beautiful and C-suite ready Community strategy deck – this is proving to be a big challenge and one I am avoiding tackling right this moment to take a break and hang on campus ☕

    2. Successfully partner with our Certification, Education, Documentation and Training Team (CEDT) – These experiences should all be connected to Community and customers should have one login to access all of them. This is definitely a “pipe dream” status project, but we want it to come to life in 2024, and to do that, we need to start now.

    3. Get a handle on my relationship with work – This one is a bit personal and related to number one. Leading a large Community with multiple platform as a team of 1 is challenging. There’s a lot of in the weeds work to be done, but I need to be thinking strategically about making meaningful change for the future. Finding a way to balance both and make meaningful progress (and not feel like I’m half-assing two things) is challenging. I want to feel secure in my role while making meaningful progress. Easier said than done in today’s corporate climate.

    Thanks for the prompt here @Wilder-at-Base !