• Joe

    November 1, 2022 at 7:49 am
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    In B2B, the other review sites to know are:

    1. Capterra – Often high-ranking site on Google with a freemium, PPC model for vendors.
    2. Software Advice – provides phone call consultations for buyers seeking personalized recommendations.
    3. GetApp – SMB niche products focus.
    4. Gartner Peer Insights – Enterprise focus, complements Gartner’s analyst info.
    5. PeerSpot (Formerly IT Central Station) – Focus on enterprise buyers of Cybersecurity, DevOps, and IT software.
    6. Trustpilot – More B2C, but suitable for some B2B / B2C hybrids
    7. SoftwareReviews – Part of an IT consultancy, so best suited for IT software buyers who seek people and process alongside reviews to help make an informed software buying decision.

      To prioritize them, I recommend a combination of:

      – Checking Google – Search for “best (your software category) software” and see which sites rank highest. Most of the traffic to review sites comes from searches.
      – Asking Sales – Ask your Sales reps which review sites come up on call. Prompt them with a list of review sites and see which ones they mention. If you have call recording software like Gong or Chorus, search for mentions of review sites.
      – Researching review site milestones – Some review sites have review thresholds to be eligible for inclusion in reports, awards, and badges.

      You’ll likely end up prioritizing one or two review sites.

      Note: when prioritizing review sites, note that Gartner Digital Markets is Captera, Software Advice, and GetApp, and that one review generated on any of these sites is applied across all three sites — effectively a 3-for-1 review.

      For more info on this topic, see this in-depth post, “reviewing the review sites” https://b2bsaasreviews.com/best-software-review-sites/