• Alison

    November 14, 2022 at 9:05 am
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    Joe did an excellent job of answering your question – lots of great detail about the different review platforms out there, as well as solid tips for how to ensure you’re engaging with the platforms that work best for your organization and your goals.

    In addition, like Joe said, I encourage you to diversifying your approach and strategy to customer reviews. We often get caught in a reactionary mode, versus being proactive – and we also end up focusing on reviews once or twice a year rather than every quarter to ensure a constant flow of review content. Researching review platforms is essential to building out your strategy as they all bring something to the table. Some help achieve an analyst goal, some deliver exceptional content that can be part of your customer marketing/advocacy strategy, and all are good to engage with from a visibility perspective so you know that your prospects are coming across your solutions.

    I have shared a lot of information about creating this diversified strategy and am happy to discuss further if it’s of interest 🙂