How to do a customer newsletter and what content to include (How-tos)

How to do a customer newsletter:

  • Establish goal of the newsletter
  • Build out a content calendar – that includes the newsletter and other communications
  • Inform other stakeholders of schedule — and see if schedule should be adjusted based on company events, etc.
  • Research if your company has other newsletters so that you can combine them or work together on ensuring you don’t bombard customers
  • Talk to a few customers — on a frequent basis — to understand what they want from a newsletter

What to include:

  • Product updates: we limit this to three and then do an extended product update with all updates in the community, which we link to in the newsletter
  • Upcoming customer events in the next month
  • New resources relevant to customers – could be on-demand events from previous month, new educational content, etc.
  • Link to join your community or slack channel
  • Feature customer or partner or include a customer story
  • Industry news and trends. – I call this “News You Can Use”
  • Upcoming events and announcements
  • Feedback or suggestions section
  • Lighthearted content (e.g. jokes, puzzles)
  • Company updates and news
  • Product or service updates and news
  • Industry insights and trends
  • Promotions, discounts or special offers
  • Educational content (e.g. tips, tutorials)
  • Feedback or suggestions section

Started by @Campus-Crew and then included items suggested by ChatGPT