How to do video testimonials? (How-Tos)

Advice from others:

From @joel Klette “shooting in person is always going to give you the best footage in terms of quality of production, and if the client does not have their own high-quality b-roll, it’s your very best shot at capturing it on-location. But the cost is understandably higher and there’s more to coordinate.Bear in mind as well: if you’re planning to do a written piece on the same customer (which can make sense if you want to deploy the story in as many ways and on as many channels as possible), sometimes the depth of an interview for a video asset isn’t the same as one for a written asset, because with video there’s so much focus on filling 0:30 – 2:30 with the best soundbites vs. the deepest story.For that reason, you might choose to pre-interview in the case of an on-location shoot. For our part, this is why we conduct our remote interviews in person and change the format a bit to allow for both the depth of story, and the stronger on-camera footage.”

How to Shoot the Best Testimonial Video (From HubSpot and others)
  1. Find your fans, advocates
  2. Ask them — think about how you ask, if there is going to be a reward or incentive
  3. Create and send questions in advance. You shouldn’t be making up questions on the spot. …
  4. Choose the perfect scene and angle. …
  5. Make the interviewee feel as comfortable as possible. …
  6. Let the camera roll. …You might get a great quote during the prep session so start camera as soon as you can.
  7. Edit, edit, edit. … – Repurpose content.
  8. Market the video on several platforms.