Salute to Woman’s History Month — and other CLG Campus activities (Newsletter 11)

Originally Published on March 6th, 2023.

It’s March–

It’s almost spring time!!

And it is Women’s History Month.

Yesterday, I was at my 13 year-old son’s first little league baseball practice and during warm ups, I asked the only girl on the team, Jessie, what is like to play on a predominantly male team. She said that she liked it because she’s always the center of attention and that people always root for her. I told Jessie my 12 year old daughter was surprised to see a girl playing shortstop on a boys team. I pointed out to Jessie that she is also an inspiration for younger girls who might want ‘to do what has traditionally been thought of as boys only activities.” Our discussion reminded me about the challenges women face in the workplace (and the importance of role models) but how women still face plenty of challenges corporate America. Just look around at how many females are in the c-suite (or for that matter coaching baseball teams). : (  So as a father, a husband, and just someone who wants to promote diversity, lets work together to change what is now and impact what is the future. Lets keep things like Jessie’s experience top of mind on a consistent basis.

What I read this past week

In honor of Women’s History Month, I read I know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou. There was a copy in our house and it just seemed the right time for me to read it. The powerful story focuses on some of the intense challenges the author faced during her childhood.

I read Working Backwards: Insights, Stories and Secrets from Inside Amazon by by Colin Bryar and Bill Carr.

You should read this book if you want to learn how decisions are made and how products are brought to market at Amazon. It is both a practical guidebook and the story of how the company grew to become so successful. Many of the operating processes and business principles described in the book, can be applied to small or large businesses.

Upcoming events

Our goal is to have a live event every Wednesday at 12 noon PT / 3 pm ET.

  • March 8th @ 12 noon PT/ 3 pm ET: Live Course: So, you want to create an Advocacy program(Part 1) with Alison Bukowski and Luis González Sign up here
  • March 15th @ 12 noon PT / 3 pm ET: Live Webinar with Weber: April Weber will discuss Setting up your Marketing Tech Stack. Sign up here
  • March 22nd @ 12 noon PT / 3 pm ET: Live Office Hours with Joe Kevens and Dylan Caraker. They will discuss building out your Customer Review Program. Sign up here

New Podcasts

We are now on iHeartRadio’s podcast network too. Listen here.

New Podcasts on the CLG Campus:

  • Key Pillars for Starting a Customer Marketing function with Katlin Hess, Director of Customer Marketing at G2. Listen here
  • Applying Demand Gen Principles to Customer Marketing with my ex-co-worker Anastasia Pavlova. Listen here.
  • How Salesforce approaches Cusotmer Marketing by Hrishi Kulkarni.  Listen here

New Content

We continue to add new content to the site. This past week, we added:

  • V1 of our recorded sessions with CLG Practitioners and Experts. Watch here We will continue to roll out new videos in the coming weeks.
  • Recorded Base Webinar: The Job is Yours: Gearing Up to Find Your Next Position in Customer Marketing. Watch here.
  • Gallery: Free Agents– Recommended marketers for your company. Support them here (This not new, but we do keep adding people every week) 
  • New Templates focusing on Customer Scoring, Expansion and more. See here
  • Series of good articles about Community Engagement, Data and more by Chris Detzel. Read here.

That’s it for now.

See you on Campus,

Professor Wilder