Belonging to the Brand: Why Community is the Last Great Marketing Strategy




Bestselling author and futurist Mark Schaefer explains why community is a massively overlooked marketing opportunity for most organizations. He explains how three major trends collide in a way that makes brand communities the future of marketing strategy. Highlights include:

  • How community relates to the emotional connections developed via social media and content
  • Why demographic, technological, and societal trends demand a reimagined community strategy
  • A unique view of the ROI and measurement of community
  • How a community strategy upends traditional marketing management
  • The psychological connection between communities and brands
  • Why NFTs and the metaverse change the game for community strategy
  • Powerful brand benefits overlooked by most community strategies today

Through extensive research, diverse case studies, and expert interviews, Schaefer provides a compelling and actionable blueprint for the modern brand community. This is an unmissable work from one of marketing’s leading thought leaders.