All The Buzz About Base in January (Base Newsletter – January 2023_

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2023 TOP100 Influencers & Strategists in Customer Marketing is LIVE!!!

TOP100 Nominations are OPEN

Nominate someone great before January 13th!!!

We kicked off the year by launching the annual TOP100 Influencers & Strategists in Customer Marketing and Advocacy Program. Nominations are open to all until January 13th so make sure to hurry and nominate yourself, your peers, your friends, and anyone in Customer Marketing that you feel deserves this type of recognition. Help spread the word using hashtag #TOP100CMA23 so everyone gets a chance to be voted in!

For more info, visit the TOP100 webpage.

Two speakers (17)

Wondering how to do Customer Marketing as a team? We’ve got a webinar for that! 🧐

Sign up to join us (free) on January 24th, Gal Biran, Base Cofounder & CEO will be hosting OutSystem’s Director of Customer Voice Heather Pritchett and her team: Toni Croce, Mariam Payne, Maria Joao Azeredo, and Marco Godinho to share their best practices and in working together as a team. Even scaling from a single-person powerhouse to a team of 2 takes some operational planning, so be sure to get these tips from a team that works.

Hello 2023

What was 2022 like for Customer-led Growth (CLG)? Here’s our take. 📆 

From launching its first industry-wide awards program, to gathering over 300 Customer obsessed practitioners in San Francisco, to rolling out a dedicated super-hub for shared learning and resources – CLG has been slowly but surely making progress. Take a look at the highlights of 2022 and let us know if we left anything out.

Base Feature Fun: Track Customer Journeys in a Graphic InfoCard  

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One of the most important aspects of Customer Marketing is knowing when a customer is at the right point of maturity to be approached to join a program or complete an ASK. Base lets you view a per-customer journey and set up automated triggers, so you know when it’s a good time to approach, via which communication channel, and with what type of offer. It’s a super helpful tool that opens a world of possibilities. Want to see the platform in action? Set up a demo right here. 

What’s New on Campus? Podcasts and Courses and How-to’s… Oh My! 📚

The CLG Campus is your go-to uber-hub for everything Customer Marketing and Customer-Led Growth. Don’t miss the latest and greatest!

  • Podcasts with Dani Weinstein from SAP, Peter Mahoney – Author of the Next CMO and Jeremiah Owyang.
  • Courses on Team Management, Customer Awards Programs, Maintaining Superusers and more!
  • New How-To posts including Questions to Ask New CAB Members, Creating a Reference program, Creating a Video Testimonial and many, many more!


We are all about showcasing your achievements so that others can learn and grow.

If you are a Customer Marketing practitioner or fan and would like to be involved in any of our activities, we’re happy to hear from you! Email us at