Getting Started

6 Steps To Get Started

On Campus, you can improve your customer marketing skills and accelerate your career.

Here you can learn from your peers, from practitioners and industry experts.

1. Register or Log into The CLG Campus Website

2. Add a picture to your profile

Go to the upper right hand corner of the site to add your photo to create a greater sense of community.

3. Go to the Discussion Forums

Or you can just click on Discussion Forums and share your knowledge or learn from others.

4. Pick a forum that interests you

Topics range from customer advocacy to Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) to Professional Growth - pick a topic that will help improve your skills or accelerate your carer.

5. Post a question on the Discussion forum page

Post a question that can help you with your customer marketing. (Others probably have similar questions : )

6. Reply to someone else's post

Share your experience and knowledge with others --Others will want to learn from you.

Campus FAQs

 What is the CLG Campus?

The CLG Campus is a place for customer marketers, practitioners, CMOs and those in customer facing roles to learn, share, collaborate, and grow together. We offer places for people to:

Since we just launched in October 2022, make sure to come back and visit The Campus. The content, the community and the collaboration will increase over time.

Who created the CLG Campus?

Unlike the Wizard of Oz, where there is just one person behind the curtain, The Campus is run by the people at Base. The Base Team also has collaborated with a group of Faculty Advisors and Professors to organize The Campus. Over time, we hope more and more members will get involved in defining the Campus’ future.

How do I get involved with the CLG Campus? Can anyone participate?

There are many ways to contribute to The Campus. For example, you could teach a course, run a study group, moderate a discussion, lead an event, etc. If you want to get involved, contact Professor Wilder @

Where do I submit suggestions for The CLG Campus? Or where do I report site issues or even bugs?

Feel free to provide feedback on your Campus experience in the Student Lounge.

Can anyone participate and contribute to the CLG Campus?

The CLG Campus is an industry wide initiative. Any person or company can participate as long as their content, their information or the presence does not focus on selling their products or services.

How do I submit content to the CLG Campus?

You can submit content ideas or content here.

Tell me about your Courses?

Courses are taught by the Base Editorial Team as well as Industry practitioners and experts. The courses are guided experiences, cohort based learning and project oriented outcomes. The goal is to integrate community, education and more.

Why is your CLG Campus Community better than Slack?

The Campus is complementary to Slack. Unlike Slack, we offer better findability with our powerful search engine that makes it easy to find older content. Secondly, we host long-form content (templates, webinars recordings, etc.). Finally, we integrate live and on-demand zoom events into the experience. 

What is MasterMind?

For the first few months, Mastermind will consist of a one hour session. The first 30 minutes will consist of a presentation by an industry expert. The second 30 minutes will be a live QA session.

Thank you,

Your Campus Crew Team