Campus Guidelines

The CLG Campus Rules of the Road

 Welcome to The CLG Campus – an industry resource for Customer Marketing Managers and those working in customer-facing roles. 

 We created this place because we heard the cry for an industry-wide, agnostic place where practitioners and experts can learn, share and collaborate to help each other improve their craft and accelerate their careers. A place focused on individual and collaborative learning as well as supporting the industry, where individuals are not overtly promoting their own products and services, and where it’s easy to contribute and find information.

Like any good Campus, we do have some guidelines:

Respect others: Feel free to ask questions, contribute content, etc. Be considerate of others and remember that people are here to augment their skills and accelerate their careers, so be polite and don’t be promotional.

  1. Share with others: Intuit promotes something called “Learn-Teach-Learn,” so feel free to share any experiences and knowledge you might have gained during your journey. As HubSpot likes to say “Power is gained by shared knowledge, not hoarding it.” So jump in and share a post, reply to a post, raise your hand to teach a course.
  2. Protect Your and  Other Students’ Privacy: Don’t overshare or post any information about others on the site. Remember that anything you share about yourself is susceptible to Google indexing – which means anyone on the internet can access it.
  3. Create Customer Led Content: While the Campus Crew is curating content, the health of the Campus will depend on user-created content. So think about how to create useful content and information. Note: Base nor the Campus Crew are responsible for content generated by others, so please exercise the same good judgment you would apply on a mobile app or on the internet or other public places.
  4. Play nicely: Recently, there have been posts and comments on other social media platforms criticizing individuals and companies. Constructive feedback is ok, but criticism of others has no place on this Campus. We do not tolerate members of our community being shamed, bullied, or harassed.
  5. No Wheelin’, No Dealin’: Don’t use the Campus to prospect, advertise or promote your products or service. If you want to highlight one of these, contact the Campus Crew. Note: We do have an Events area and Jobs area and if you want to post in those areas, let us know.

The Campus Crew and the Base Team: You might see some professors and students with a Campus Crew logo next to their names. This means they are a Base employee and are responsible for ensuring that The Campus provides an educational environment. If you see anyone causing a ruckus or violating Campus Rules, let Professor Wilder know at  

Note: The Campus Crew reserve the right to edit, move, block or provide feedback on any content on the site. We will always communicate with you via private messaging or email to provide coaching and guidance or to inform you of a decision. 

Final note: Building a Campus takes time and requires a group effort. We will be rolling out new features and fine-tuning different areas of the site over time. Many of these changes will be the result of feedback from people like you. So let us know what you think or how we can make the site more useful. Feel free to leave your thoughts here.

-The Campus Crew