Faculty Advisors and Professors

Barbara Thomas (BT)
Guidance Counselor

Guidance Counselor BT is currently the Senior Customer Advocacy manager at Imprivata. An award-winning subject matter expert on advocate marketing, she literally wrote the book on it (“Advocate Marketing - Strategies for Building Buzz, Leveraging Customer Satisfaction, and Creating Relationships"), published in 2016 by Pearson Publishing in 2016. BT has also provided career information to the marketing community for several years now.

Sr. Customer Advocacy Program Manager - Imprivata
Luis Gonzalez
Coach Luis

Coach Luis leads global customer advocacy at Alteryx, the home of the Innovator and Visionary programs. Luis' vision for customer advocacy involves tapping into experiential marketing tactics which enable career-propelling opportunities. He also loves the thrill of building from scratch and delivering strategic measurement. His work within CMA began at SiriusDecisions/Forrester and has led him to become a Top 25 CMA influencer and award-winning customer advocacy practitioner.

Manager, Global Customer Advocacy at Alteryx
Alison Bukowski
Associate Dean

A Top25 Customer Marketing & Advocacy Influencer, Alison Bukowski is committed to moving advocacy programs from transactional to engaging, multi-dimensional experiences. With over 15 years supporting, building, and leading CMA initiatives, she enjoys giving back to the CMA community, mentoring, and innovating ways to elevate the customer voice. Outside the office, Alison fancies herself a better-than-average baker and cook, an avid nature lover, curious explorer, and animal welfare enthusiast.

Senior Director, Customer & Product Marketing, Peerspot
Scott K. Wilder

Dean Wilder is a native New Yorker, who has spent 25 years in digital and customer marketing trenches, having worked at technology companies: Apple, Marketo, Microsoft, Influitive, Jive, Google, Adobe, SAP, Intuit and HubSpot. He also has worked in the TechEd space, spending time at Udacity and Coursera, where he led teams that built out their marketing departments and infrastructure. Wilder current leads Base’ customer, partner and community engagement programs.

VP-Customer, Partner and Community Engagement
Eran Livneh
Eran Livneh is the founder of MarketCapture, helping B2B software companies drive customer growth at scale, from adoption and utilization to renewal and expansion. Focusing on data as a compass for success, Eran has been helping companies accelerate growth throughout the customer lifecycle with 1:Many, 1:Few, and 1:1 programs.
Aaron Weiss
Community Consultant

Aaron Weiss leads Community at Procore - including in-person meetups and an all-digital Forum Community. In the past, he's led Community efforts at Square, Autodesk, and MindSumo.

Joe Kevens
Visiting Professor and Scholar
Joe is a visiting professor. He is currnetly the Director of Demand Generation at PartnerStack, the #1 platform purpose-built for partner management and affiliate marketing in B2B SaaS. Before PartnerStack, he worked for other go-to-market B2B SaaS companies: Influitive (Advocate Marketing designed to generate more reviews, references, and referrals), LevelJump (Sales Enablement) (acquired by Salesforce) and Eloqua (Marketing Automation) (acquired by Oracle). I research, write, and edit 100% of the content on B2B SaaS Reviews.
Laurence Imgrund
Visiting Professor

Larry Imgrund is a Product Manager at Khoros working on their Communities platform. Prior to working in a product role, he worked as a community strategist and led a team providing community management services to Khoros customers. Larry started as a community user in 2004, became a superuser in 2006 and has worked in the field of community management since 2010.  He lives with his girlfriend Ryan, their corgi Biscuit and cat Stinky in Austin, TX.

Katlin Hess

Katlin Hess is the Director of Customer Marketing at G2, the largest and most trusted software marketplace. Katlin specializes in developing customer marketing programs and teams from the ground up, and is passionate about capturing customer feedback, good storytelling and building exceptional customer experiences. Prior to joining G2, Katlin built and led customer marketing teams at fast-growing SaaS companies in the HR and Higher Ed industries. In her spare time, Katlin loves reading anything mystery or true crime related, baking beautiful desserts and finding the perfect cup of coffee.

Charlotte Sturman

Charlotte designed the strategic framework and led execution for the launch of Partner Advocacy at Cisco. She now heads the Global Executive Advocacy team, setting the strategy and building a new program to nurture, engage, empower and spotlight the company’s
most strategic, forward-thinking C-suite and Executive-level customer advocates to derive more value from their relationships with Cisco.

Jennifer Susinski
Adjunct Professor

Ultimate team player, mentor and guide, who has a track record for delivering consistent & superior results. Jennifer is always seeking new ways to innovate and exceed performance expectations in the Customer Advocacy & Experience space.

Allison Hartsoe
Head of the Data Science Department

Allison is the author of Customer Equity, The Age of Customer Equity: Data-driven Strategies to Build a Sustainable Company.  Her ideas have appeared in MIT Technology Review, Entrepreneur Magazine’s Podcast, C-Suite TV and in Wharton conferences and classrooms. 

Peter Mahoney
Professor - Business and Economics Dept.

Peter is the co-author The Next CMO: A Guide to Operational Marketing Excellence and founder and CEO of Plannuh, Inc. His ideas and concepts have been adopted by CMOs around the world.

April Weber

We love April's quote about herself "I truly believe exceptional growth happens when magic (insights&data) gets mixed in with madness (creativity) and when B2B and B2C marketing blurs into Business to Human marketing. People don’t buy from businesses; they buy from other humans."

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou"

Samantha 'Venia' Logan
Professor: Community and Data Sciences.

Samantha 'Venia' Logan is the founder of SociallyConstructed.Online, which helps businesses build robust, self-sustainable communities. She is also a student of the social sciences, data sciences and community.

Nic Tolstoshev
Professor: Full-Stack Community

Nic has been in the Community Space for 20 years. He is full-stack community manager -- he does it all. From strategy, to daily tactics to custom community development and reporting.He has led Community teams for Intuit, Webroot, Gravitee, Automox, LogRythm and Spice Works. 

Anita Toth
Professor -
Anita is know as Chief Churn Crusher . She is 3x CS award winner focusing on Customer Retention Research, Strategy & Education.
Anastasia Pavlova
Dylan Caraker
Professor: Reviews and More