Creating Demand Creation Over Demand Capture with Eric Olson of Quickbase

Featuring Eric Olson, Chief Marketing Officer
TrustRadius’ Trust Talks series highlights B2B executives’ approach to building a culture of listening to customers, activating the customer voice, and creating a customer-driven company.

Quickbase provides project management support for a variety of industries. Their no-code platform enables all kinds of businesses to create, connect, and customize applications, equipping them with automated workflows, seamless integrations, and actionable reports and metrics.

Quickbase’s marketing strategy is focused on creating demand and making the buyer’s journey as frictionless as possible. They provide rich, relevant resources based on today’s buying behaviors, such as social proof from customer reviews and self-service resources like product demos. To create demand, Quickbase focuses on establishing category-level awareness and education through practical, persona-specific efforts.

In this Trust Talk, Eric and TrustRadius’ Founder and CEO Vinay Bhagat, discuss how Quickbase has pivoted their marketing strategy to be focused around the modern-day buying journey: providing the resources that today’s buyers really want and enabling their journey, rather than just collecting a volume of MQLs.