Example: Customer Advisory Board Charter (Template)

Below is a high level example of a CAB Charter

Purpose or Mission Statement

  • The purpose of the Customer Advisor Board (CAB) is to provide valuable feedback and insights from a customer perspective to improve the overall customer experience and drive business growth. (If product advisory board, they will meet directly with the CPO or multiple members of the product team)
  • The mission of the CAB is to provide a platform for customers to share their experiences and ideas, and to use their insights to help shape the future of our products and services.


  • To gather feedback from customers on their experiences with our products and services
  • To identify areas for improvement in the customer experience
  • To give advice on overall product
  • To provide recommendations for implementing changes to enhance the customer experience

Membership (criteria, length of membership, etc.)

  • CAB members will be selected based on their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields, as well as their passion for our brand.
  • Members will serve a term of one year, with the option to renew for additional terms.
  • Members will be provided with training and support to ensure they are able to effectively contribute to the CAB.
  • The CAB will consist of a diverse group of customers representing a variety of demographics and industries.
  • The CAB will be led by a designated CAB Chairperson who will facilitate meetings and communicate with the company’s leadership team.
  • The company’s leadership team will be invited to attend CAB meetings to listen to customer feedback and discuss potential solutions.

Meeting Schedule

  • The CAB will meet on a quarterly basis.
  • Meetings will be held in a virtual format to allow for flexibility and accessibility for all members. (Virtual is easier than getting everyone together)
  • Meetings will be held in person once a year.
  • Meeting agendas and minutes will be shared with all CAB members prior to and after each meeting.


  • The CAB Chairperson will communicate with the company’s leadership team on a regular basis to share feedback and recommendations from CAB meetings.
  • The company’s leadership team will provide updates to the CAB on any implemented changes based on CAB feedback.
  • The company will also communicate with CAB members on a regular basis to provide updates on product and service developments and gather additional feedback.
  • Note: Important to share key learnings, etc. with other parts of the organization.

Decision Making

  • The CAB will provide recommendations to the company’s leadership team, but final decisions on implementing changes will be made by the leadership team.
  • The CAB Chairperson and leadership team will work together to prioritize recommendations and determine the feasibility of implementation.

Termination of Membership

  • CAB membership is voluntary and members may choose to leave the CAB at any time.
  • The company reserves the right to remove a CAB member for inappropriate behavior or failure to participate in meetings and discussions.

Note: This is a work in progress. Feel free to suggest changes.