Free Agents — People Open To Work

The CLG Campus will build out a career placement center. In the meantime, here’s a list of friends looking for work.

If you want to be added to this list, contact Prof Wilder @

John Emrick
Human-centric storytelling and strategic marketing that wins hearts & minds

As a seasoned strategic storyteller with over 15 years of expertise in customer marketing, digital marketing, and executive thought leadership, I bring a unique blend of creativity and business acumen to the table. My ability to design and deliver human-centric experiences captivates the c-suite, resulting in significant business value and revenue growth. This includes several consecutive years with over $250M in revenue influenced and accelerated while at Microsoft.

I have a proven track record of creating and executing joint storytelling campaigns with some of the world's most disruptive brands. My work has been showcased at United Nations General Assembly, World Economic Forum, CES, and NRF. It has also been covered by POLITICO, The New York Times, and other media.

BTW – I used to make booze for a living too. #Cheers

Audrey Zigmond
Global customer marketing leader

I am a global customer marketing leader with 8+ years of experience building advocacy programs from scratch for fast-growth tech companies in San Francisco, Berlin, and now New York! I am a creative, results-driven marketer who is passionate about infusing compelling customer stories into every campaign I develop. I come from a journalism and events production background, and as a result, I'm a skilled writer, community builder, and brand strategist. I approach my work with both an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong collaborative process. I am extremely motivated by helping others succeed, and I aspire to further develop my people management skills in my next role.

Lawrence Scott III
Eager Global Customer Marketer

Hi, I'm Lawrence. As a customer marketing manager, my proven track record of success includes scaling customer stories across multiple channels, managing the customer marketing lifecycle, and curating integrated marketing partnerships. I have diverse background in account management and industry marketing spanning from consumer goods, retail and software. I am a results-driven professional committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving business success.

Camille Rose Shortridge
Former Mass Market Customer Advocacy Lead at Zoom, Bilingual
Expert in creating value, not noise. With nine years of global experience in customer marketing and engagement, my expertise lies in thinking outside the box to identify mutually beneficial and unique ways to capture and share customer stories while driving impactful and strategic customer programs. Curiosity drives my passion for work, while kindness drives my goal to care for customers. Customers call me "meticulous, highly organized, friendly, and a great storyteller." My supervisors and peers call me "exceptionally bright, seriously compassionate, and thoroughly professional."
Previously, at Zoom, I oversaw Customer Advocacy for Mass Market for North America and EMEA. I partnered with Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Legal, and Product in driving customer advocacy program adoption through marketing initiatives. How do I communicate with customers? By being human, intentional, and memorable.
Stuart Marks
Corporate Communications leader and B2B brand builder

A story-teller and brand builder at heart with almost 25 years’ experience working in the B2B tech space, I have led WW communications (internal & external) teams, built awareness & branding campaigns, thought leadership initiatives, customer advocacy programmes, and my passion is ensuring that a company’s brand stands out amongst the crowd. I thrive working with a team that enjoys taking complex topics and making them easily digestible for customers – not an easy thing to achieve in the tech space! But what I enjoy the most is working with/mentoring, teams that are smart, fun-loving, passionate, have a ‘get the job done’ attitude, providing them the scope to be creative (and make mistakes as we all do that while trying to push the envelope), but overall help them succeed. I have done this with both public and private companies – established players and start-ups – and at some of the most reputable PR agencies across Europe.

Kathleen Fava
Customer Relationship Whisperer

I’m looking for a role in Customer Advocacy (or adjacent) that will benefit from my career thus far wearing the many hats of Customer Service.

->PERFECT-WORLD ROLE: Customer facing, problem solving, advocating for customers, cross-functional collaboration, and inspiring customer advocacy

->SUPERPOWERS: Listening, building relationships, advocating for customers, facilitating consensus, and humor

->OBJECTIVE: Become The Advocate Whisperer, solve difficult problems, and build satisfying solutions with my colleagues

Outside of work I’m a photographer and you can find my work on Getty here.

Stephanie Brewer
Energetic & Customer obsessed
With over 20 years experience helping customers share their stories and experiences across many industries, Stephanie is passionate about building influential relationships and strong rapport with people. She never meets a stranger and prides herself in staying in contact with past customers and colleagues. She has built several advocacy programs and implemented communication strategies that increased brand awareness, public recognition, and increased revenues. Her intense passion for building relationships, problem-solving, deploying technology, change management, creating programs, storytelling, and customer testimonials is what gets her up in the morning. When she’s not wowing customers, Stephanie is an avid traveler and volleyball player and loves spending time with family and her 2 dogs O.N., the Great Dane and Tucker, the Mini GoldenDoodle. As a graduate of the University of Texas, you can often catch her around campus at the many sporting venues for football, baseball, volleyball and baseball.
Justina Wu
Trusted advisor to stakeholders & customer cheerleader

Looking to contribute to a role that develops and executes roadmap and strategy for a customer program (advocacy/reference, community, or expansion) from scratch. We would be a good fit if the role is 50/50 tactical/strategic (not excessively tactical to the point where it distracts from strategic initiatives, not so highly strategic that there's little execution), requires collaboration with executive stakeholders and customers, and demands data-driven reporting on revenue impact.

Emma Miller-Crimm
Experienced Global Customer Marketer

Building something gives me a great sense of direction and excitement. I enjoy challenging myself to create something new at a company and turn that into a successful, scalable machine that is driven by data, and measured via the impact it has on the business. My goal as a customer marketer is to create a vision for the team and the communities I serve–along with collaborating cross-functionally with stakeholders within the business.

I’ve scaled startups and worked for larger companies in the retail, healthcare, and financial services industries, with a specialized product-focus on AI. My expertise lies in the customer relationships and network I’ve built, focusing on creative content strategy and execution.

Adrian Speyer
Community-led Marketing Leader

I’m Adrian Speyer from Montreal, Quebec. I was the first hire for the Vanilla Forums marketing team in 2013. To that role I brought my 10 prior years of experience in digital & product marketing. I built the foundations for Vanilla’s Inbound marketing program which drove rapid growth for the company. In 2018 I moved into an advocate and evangelist role with a focus on events, thought leadership, and education. This became a key driver of our lead gen and customer marketing. I was part of the Vanilla team acquired by Higher Logic in 2021. I am seeking a remote senior customer marketing role, where being community-led is seen as an asset for future success.

Listen to Adrian talk about community here.

Dmitrij Dolgušin
Global Customer Marketing Expert

Marketing and Business Development professional with 17+ years’ marketing leadership experience working with Fortune 500 and medium sized hi-tech companies across the world. More recently, my focus has been on the potential of advocacy marketing and wide-reaching customer reference/ advocacy programs - marketing discipline with clear measurement and proven ROI. This is the area in which I excel and could contribute to the success of any other company.

My strong points include excellent negotiation skills, perfect knowledge of foreign languages, analytical mind, self-motivation, a good problem-solver with an ability to work well as part of a team. I am used to deal with the C-level executives and to lead a virtual team of co-workers.

Melissa Brown
Energetic Customer Marketing Champion and Leader

I bring over 20 years of marketing experience with a passion for creating high performing programs and teams. I thrive on cultivating strong cross-functional relationships with colleagues and meaningful, lasting relationships with customers. I aim to keep the customer experience at the core of all I do while infusing tools, processes and efficiencies to scale teams and maximize amplification of powerful customer stories across all marketing channels. I’m looking to bring my strong work ethic, strategic and tactical expertise, and a deep desire to thread the voice of the customer throughout all marketing assets, programs and campaigns in order to support growth initiatives.

Frank Schieber
Elevating, engaging, collaborative

I lead demand generation marketing campaigns and collaboration that create revenue pipeline growth for B2B technology brands. My specialty: focusing on driving engagement, not only awareness, with target solution buyers. Please contact me to let me know when my profile goes public on CLG Campus or if you need additional information from me. Let me know also if there is anything I can do to reciprocate. Thanks again for your compassion and kindness.

Barbara Nitke
Customer Motivated Strategist
I am looking to join a company that puts its customers first. This could be in the form of launching a community for customers to engage and learn from their peers, driving customer advocacy programs to let customers shine and share their stories, or creating customer voice programs to ensure their customers' feedback is heard and incorporated into company strategies. Whether you are just in the infancy stages and looking to build up these programs, or need someone experienced to step in and ensure continued success, I look forward to connecting and learning more. With over 10 years of marketing experience, I am motivated by helping companies obtain their full potential powered by their biggest fans. 
Ryan Schreiber
Engaging Events and Education Expert

If you’re looking for someone to make connections with clients and stakeholders, I’m your guy. As a former English teacher with years of strategic event marketing and planning experience, I thrive at building engagement and creating experiences. I’m looking for Events Manager/Field Marketing leadership roles (also open to L&D or onboarding).

My recent experience comes in education and hospitality, but my skills translate anywhere.

Extra credit for mission-driven orgs where I can bring my whole, sarcastic self to make a positive impact.

Dean Shaw
The Macgyver of Marketing Programs

 I am really good at building customer programs. With demonstrated success building and managing industry recognized global programs including Webinars, Customer Communities, Chat and Voice of Customer that drive lead gen, customer retention and loyalty, references, referrals, and reviews. With a broad and deep marketing foundation borne from experience at start-ups to Fortune 500.