How Druva is Transforming Marketing to Align with the Modern Buyer’s Journey with Ash Parikh – TrustRadius Talks (Webinar)

Featuring Ash Parikh, Chief Marketing Officer
TrustRadius’ Trust Talks series highlights B2B executives’ approach to building a culture of listening to customers, activating the customer voice, and creating a customer-driven company.
Druva’s data protection platform gives businesses a way to store their sensitive data in a protected, cloud environment. They specialize in storing and securing enterprise data with reduced costs and complexity through their fully-managed solution. Druva’s platform also offers automated backup systems and built-in disaster recovery.

Under Ash’s leadership, the Druva marketing team has prioritized adapting to the modern-day buyer. They’ve discovered new B2B buying priorities that mirror the B2C world, such as a preference for self-serve channels and a need for strong social proof. Then, they’ve taken intentional efforts to emphasize these preferences across their marketing and sales efforts.

In this Trust Talk, Ash and TrustRadius’ Founder and CEO Vinay Bhagat, cover how Druva’s team has successfully shifted their marketing/sales strategies to reach out to these modern-day buyers. They discuss the market shifts that Ash has seen firsthand, along with actionable steps that Druva has taken to adapt to these new behaviors, such as implementing tailored nurture and outreach campaigns.