Sirius Decisions Framework (Template)

Sirius Decisions Framework includes the following programs: Reputation, Demand Gen, Sales Enablement and Market research.

  • Reputation:
    • Customers providing references and advocates provides compelling stories in the form of content and interactions with the Community as well as key influencers (analysts, press, investors, etc.) and service to show how they are delivering on the brand promise by delivering real customer stories and examples.
  • Demand Gen:
    • Also impacted by advocacy; There are opportunities to support and influence all stages of the demand unit waterfall with appropriate advocacy content and interactions.
    • Organizations can use their own internal data to characterize exactly how and where customer contributions happen but in general, it is important to understand that demand campaigns that include customer advocacy components will perform better than those that do not have advocacy involved.
  • Sales Enablement:
    • Customer references and advocacy are in high demand for sales efforts and also for sales teams to be able to competently communicate the value of the product/services/solution they are selling.
    • Integrating references into the sales efforts results in faster deal velocity and bigger deals and more confident buyers
  • Market Research:
    • This is more about your internal teams learning form advocates and being able to leverage their opinions and expertise to hep refine and improve your company’s products, roadmaps and innovation plans.

This deck has four slides. Remember to scroll.