The 10 Best Online Review Management Solutions

This content was written by Lizzie Davy and was loaned to the CLG Campus by @Joe who owns and manages B2BSaasReviews.

Choosing the right online review management solution can help improve your brand reputation and position in the market and increase sales. From collecting more reviews to leveraging reviews in your sales and marketing, the best online review management software solution can help you grow your business. This guide covers the 10 best solutions, including 5 for B2C and 5 for B2B, so that you can pick the best one for your needs.

You might have the best product in the world, but if there’s no one to vouch for it you could be leaving money on the table. Today’s consumers are savvy and actively seek out reviews from past customers. In fact, 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchasing decisions. It’s a crucial part of the buying process–skip it, and leads are likely to jump ship to a competitor.

Online review management software makes it easy to collect, manage, and share reviews of your product with potential buyers to sweeten the deal and provide much-needed social proof.

Most reviews software leans heavily toward B2C brands that want to sell consumer goods to everyday people. But some might argue that reviews are just as–if not moreimportant for B2B and SaaS brands with higher-ticket items and sales cycles that last between 1-6 months. For that reason, the B2B software review sites we’ve listed here offer solutions for B2B vendors to manage reviews, just not all-in-one software.

In this post, we’ll provide 10 examples of online review management software solutions: 5 for B2C brands and 5 for B2B brands.


What Makes Great Online Review Management Solutions?

There is a wealth of online review management tools available, all of which offer various different features and use cases. The different tools we’ve featured here are a combination of all-in-one solutions and dedicated reputation management software that can be used in tandem with other business tools in your tech stack.

The needs of every business are very different, especially when comparing B2B with B2C, which is why we’ve segmented this list into two sections: One that spotlights the best review management software for B2B brands and one that does the same for B2C brands.

It’s worth noting the B2B solutions from G2, Peerspot, TrustRadius, and Gartner Digital Markets only gather and manage reviews from their own sites, while the B2C tools (and Reviewflowz) aggregate reviews from multiple review sites. Review collection and management come as part of a wider features ecosystem in the B2B software. This is because the B2B-focused tools are geared towards lead generation in general and creating a successful sales cycle from start to finish.

The B2C tools can work in tandem with the B2B review site-specific solutions by gathering high volumes of external reviews in one place. The B2B solutions work alongside them to generate in-depth reviews on a smaller scale.

The right online review management solution is one that fits your unique needs–whether that’s managing a handful of high-quality user reviews each year or collecting high volumes of consumer reviews every single month. The option you choose will ultimately depend on the type of business you run, your customers, and what your overall goals are with review collection–is it to generate leads? Is it to get feedback you can implement to improve your product? Is it to collect social proof to instill buyer confidence? Or is it to simply track how you measure up against your competitors?

Whatever your needs, there’s a tool in this list that can help.


The 10 Best Review Management Solutions

  1. Birdeye for communicating with customers via one central inbox
  2. Podium for tracking your local business’s reputation across third-party sites
  3. BrightLocal for sharing positive reviews in real-time
  4. Semrush Reviews for understanding your review sentiment with keywords
  5. Reputation for boosting your reviews
  6. Reviewflowz for aggregating reviews from third-party B2B review sites
  7. G2 Marketing Solutions for building awareness with B2B SaaS buyers
  8. PeerSpot for collecting detailed review transcriptions
  9. TrustRadius for creating voice of the customer content
  10. Gartner Digital Markets for generating leads


The 5 Best Online Review Management Software Apps for B2C


1. Birdeye

The best online review management software for communicating with customers through one central inbox

Birdeye is driven by automation. It’s an all-in-one platform that brings together review management and reputation management so you can provide an excellent customer experience without having to juggle multiple different tools. 

It integrates with thousands of other software so you can create a personalized tech stack suitable for your unique needs, and the open APIs means you can customize and optimize your dashboard on your own terms. The most exciting thing about Birdeye is its messaging capabilities. As well as automating the review collection process, you can respond to customer reviews, answer questions, and engage your audience where they’re most active all through one inbox. It almost merges customer support and review generation into one place. 

Pricing: Prices are customized to each user, but start at $299 per month. 


2. Podium

The best online review management software for tracking your local business’s reputation across third-party sites

Podium is an all-in-one solution with a suite of tools for small businesses, but we’ll focus on its Reviews tool for this piece. The platform is designed to help local businesses generate more customer reviews to boost their rankings in local search results.

All reviews are pulled into one central dashboard where you can automate review invites and track your ranking and reputation across multiple different sites–including Yelp, Google Business, and Facebook. The best part is, you can send review requests via text for instant results. The idea is that you identify your most engaged and happiest customers and fire off a customized review generation form that encourages a response.

Pricing: Free 14-day trial; plans start at $289 per month after. 


3. BrightLocal

The best online review management software for sharing positive reviews in real-time

BrightLocal was designed to help small business rank better on Google–and a huge part of that includes having a stream of recent, positive customer reviews. The tool pits you against other local competitors so you can see exactly where your star rating puts you and presents opportunities for improvement.

The review generation feature makes it easy to collect customer reviews through email, SMS, and in-store campaigns, and you can monitor them as they come in–regardless of what platform the customer left the review on. BrightLocal pulls reviews from more than 80 general and niche review sites so you can see which ones are your highest-performing platforms and which ones could use some extra help.

On top of this, you can respond to reviews from one central place, search for high-priority reviews, and create a customized website widget to embed your favourite reviews (or the latest) on your site.

Pricing: 14-day free trial; prices for the Just Reviews solution from $8 per month, and the All-In-One solution from $29 per month after.


4. Semrush Reviews

The best online review management software for understanding the sentiment of your reviews by keywords

Semrush is well-known as a keyword research tool, but its Reviews tool provides an excellent way for small businesses to monitor their reputation across multiple channels. You can track your positioning and star ratings in over 80 directories and respond to any and all reviews from a single platform.

Users can get real-time updates when a new review has been dropped, which can help you spot and diffuse negative reviews quickly to safeguard your reputation and respond quickly. What’s more, Semrush uses intelligent insights to provide a 360-degree view of your performance against your competitors and your rankings in the search results with their keyword capabilities, so you can identify areas of improvement. Plus, the built-in Sentiment Analysis helps you monitor brand perception over time and understand how the keywords in your reviews correspond to review sentiment, scores, and ratings, so you better understand what drives good — and bad — reviews.

Pricing: Free trial available; $160 per month after. 


5. Reputation

The best online review management software for boosting your reviews

Reputation deals with feedback throughout the entire customer journey. As well as surveys that poke deep into a customer’s unique experience, its Review Booster™ feature helps you get up to 40% more reviews by helping you turn more customer survey responses into ratings and reviews on Google, Tripadvisor, and other sites with reviews. Like Podium and Birdeye, the tool can track reviews and feedback on hundreds of third-party sites and pull them together into one place, where you can respond and use them at various customer touchpoints.

Approved customer response templates allow you to respond to buyers who have left a review quickly and efficiently, which can lead to more reviews and a better reputation.

Pricing: 30-day free trial; price on inquiry after. 


The 5 Best Online Review Management Solutions for B2B


1. Reviewflowz

The best online review management software to aggregate B2B reviews

Reviewflowz aggregates reviews from all over the web and compiles them in one central, searchable dashboard. It supports review tracking on top B2B software review sites like G2, TrustRadius, and Capterra and B2B app marketplaces like HubSpot through unique automated review flows to monitor your reviews.

In your central dashboard, you can see all customer reviews, past and present, and search through them based on star ratings, keywords, the platform they were submitted on, or the dates they were submitted.

The embed feature creates a personalized widget and allows you to choose which reviews you want to spotlight. You can then add it to any website or page in just a few clicks. Perhaps the most impressive part of Reviewflowz, though, is its ability to bring your reviews into your favorite communication channels to share with each department. You can set up notifications within your chosen communication channels (like Slack, email, or Webhooks) so that each review is pulled there without any manual input.

There is also a handy webhook feature that allows product teams to feed their product board with customer insights, both from their own reviews and from their competitors. Detailed information on reviewers using the premium plan helps identify unhappy clients so you can fix any issues quickly.

Pricing: The free plan lets you track up to 2 business listings. Other plans start at $20 per month. 


2. G2 Marketing Solutions

The best online review solution for increasing brand awareness with B2B SaaS buyers

As the most visited B2B review site, G2 is considered by many to be the go-to for B2B reviews. Buyers can scroll through category rankings and millions of user reviews — almost two million —  all in one place. With so many buyers finding their way to G2, its an important site for many software vendors.

While G2 is great for increasing brand awareness, it also provides solutions for vendors throughout the buying journey.

G2 offers five core products for vendors:

  1. Profiles: Lets you build your product profile out to capture demand. Incorporate videos, reviews, product information, and screenshots into your profile for an engaging, multimedia experience.
  2. Buyer IntentFind buyers who are showing behavioral signals of being in-market for a solution. The tool filters down customers that fit your ICP so you can create targeted segments based on activity levels and buying stage.
  3. Reviews: Get feedback from customers on the G2 platform to inspire buyer confidence. You can run review campaigns, send customized invites, and launch landing pages with incentives to drive more engagement.
  4. Content Marketing SubscriptionLicense G2 reports —  Grid®, Index, and Compare – to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and win more deals. Fill your content calendar with downloadable reports, branded social assets, infographics, and more.
  5. Market Intelligence: Gather inside intel to help make data-driven business decisions. Learn the average contract length of your competitors and the average discounts given to see how you measure up.

Pricing: Free account with a basic profile and beginner review collection page. Prices for the Essential, Pro, and Power plans on inquiry.  


3. PeerSpot for Vendors

The best online review management solution for collecting detailed review transcriptions

It can be tricky getting anything other than a short, “loved it” review. Consumers are busy and those who did have a good experience are actually less likely to leave a review than those who didn’t. PeerSpot identifies engaged customers and has its dedicated team reach out to them via phone call, in-person, or video call. The reviews collected are verified and in-depth, and the end result is a host of detailed transcriptions you can leverage throughout the buying journey.

PeerSpot for vendors has two core offerings:

  1. Content CreationGenerate peer content and collect detailed customer reviews at scale that you can implement throughout the sales cycle.
  2. Demand Generation: PeerSpot Leads helps businesses identify their ideal customers and target qualified audiences to increase conversions and sales. You can retarget customers who have read your reviews or the reviews of your competitors.

Other features like PeerSpot Reports combine expert analysis with your personalized user reviews to create thought leadership assets, while the ability to sponsor your reviews gives you the opportunity to appear as an alternative third option to buyers comparing similar solutions to yours.

PeerSpot focuses on Cybersecurity, DevOps, and IT software.

Pricing: Prices are available on inquiry (note that there is no free option). 


4. TrustRadius for Vendors

The best online review management solution for making voice of the customer content

TrustRadius focuses on quality over quantity. TrustRadius reviews can take over 15 minutes and average 400 words — long for reviews. The TrustRadius review process goes beyond a simple rating and takes the important next step of asking “why?” without the need to arrange a phone call or use a transcription service. This approach allows your top customers to dive deep into their experiences to resonate with future leads.  Customizable questionnaires help squeeze your existing customers for their best stories and results while spotlighting your most successful use cases.

TrustRadius has 3 core product offerings for B2B brands:

    1. Content Licensing: Syndicate user reviews and TrustQuotes across your marketing channels for consistent, cohesive customer-generated content.
    2. Buyer Decisioning Platform: Help buyers self-serve through detailed, content-rich reviews and use intent signals from buyers who have researched your brand to create targeted segments and fuel your sales campaigns.
    3. Downstream Intent DataIdentify and unlock access to buyers that are actively researching products like yours. Funnel intent signals into your CRM and paid media channels to close more deals and increase your revenue per customer.

TrustRadius and G2 share some similarities but, while G2 is great for SMBs and mid-market B2B brands, TrustRadius is geared more toward enterprise accounts.

Pricing: Prices start at $2,000 per month. 


5. Gartner Digital Markets

The best online review management software for boosting your reviews

Gartner Digital Markets runs three business software review sites: Capterra, GetApp, and SoftwareAdvice. Unlike the other major business software review sites, Gartner Digital Markets core method of monetization is lead generation. It offers a pay-per-click (PPC) model for all three sites and a pay-per-lead model in some cases (depending on the category (on Software Advice). It’s very similar to generating leads on Google with PPC search ads.

Gartner Digital Markets has 5 core offerings for vendors:

  1. Lead Generation: Identify and target buyers that fit your ICP and are researching software solutions like yours.
  2. Review Collection Service: Collect verified reviews from customers. Built-in quality assurance checks ensure each submitted review is authentic and meets Gartner’s high-quality standards.
  3. Intent Data: Powerful data insights offer access to B2B software buyers who are researching products like yours and have a high purchase intent in your category.
  4. Digital Marketing Services: Work with Gartner’s team of Conversion Rate Optimization experts to create successful paid campaigns with high-converting landing pages.
  5. Competitive Comparisons: Promote how your product stacks up against the competition in user reviews on Gartner Digital Markets sites.

One of the key benefits of Gartner Digital Markets is its custom review collection pages. You can personalize your own landing page and share it with your users on multiple different platforms so you can reach them where they’re most active. Finally, each user gets a personalized reviews recruitment toolkit that offers a step-by-step guide to making the most of your review-based campaigns.

Pricing: Gartner Digital Markets offers its Review Collection Service for free to brands already using the platform. 


Find the perfect online review management software for you

Reviews are critical to how your buyers find and evaluate solutions and to your overall brand reputation. Finding the right online review management solution can streamline the review collection process and make it easy to populate the buyer journey with positive social proof, regardless of whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand. If you want to avoid surface-level reviews and generate in-depth reviews, choose a solution that encourages that. Alternatively, if you want a solution to generate more leads from online reviews, you might opt for a solution that caters to that.

Think through what you need to help improve your online review management. Then find the solution that works best for your needs, and start getting more from reviews today.

Ready to get more from reviews but still unsure where to start? We’ve created an in-depth guide on main review sites. Read the 10 Best Software Review Sites here.