The Job is Yours: Gearing Up to Find Your Next Position in Customer Marketing (Webinar)

Work, the workplace, and the workforce have changed, and now is the perfect time to refresh your knowledge of the job market and “the search”. Whether you’re just gearing up for your next position or have been searching for a while, this webinar is aimed at helping you make a plan that will work for you. Join Jeanne Talbot, Nina Butler, and Jodi Yanovich, for a multifaceted discussion of what it takes to find your next good position in Customer Marketing today. Offering 3 different perspectives – new to the job search, recently hired, and human resources leader – the speakers will share their insights into the new rules of the job search game in lieu of the current downturn and recent changes in the industry. They will be addressing questions we’ve heard quite a lot lately, namely: What are the skills that human resources are likely to be seeking out today, and how do I highlight my strengths in these areas? How do I know that the position and the company culture are aligned with my values and my career path? What are the right questions to ask before, during and after an interview? What can I do while I search to improve my chances of getting hired? When companies ask me to submit ideas, or presentations, what’s the best approach?