How Gainsight Puts the Customer at the Center of Everything – TrustRadius Talks (Webinar)

Customer centricity is easy to say, but hard to do.

In this Trust Talk, TrustRadius’ own Founder and CEO, Vinay Bhagat, sat down with award-winning, five-time tech CEO, author, and CEO of Gainsight, Nick Mehta, to discuss how Gainsight puts the customer at the center of everything they do. Bhagat kicks off by asking Mehta what it means to be customer centric. “Customer centric is one of those phrases that is easy to say but hard to do,” says Mehta. Hard to do is right.

In this exclusive interview, Mehta gives tips for how other companies can build customer centricity into their infrastructure and day-to-day practices. Hint: It’s more than just saying it. Part of being a customer-centric organization is thinking of the customer every step of the way. A telltale sign of customer centricity is the way customers are talked about. Are they talked about with empathy?