Why a Community-Driven Marketing Strategy Matters – TrustRadius Talks (Webinar)

Miro’s Approach to Marketing and Customer Experience

In this TrustTalk, TrustRadius’ Founder and CEO, Vinay Bhagat, sat down with Miro’s Chief Marketing Officer Paul D’Arcy to learn about their unique approach to community-driven marketing.

Customer experience (CX) is the cornerstone of Miro’s marketing strategy. With B2B and B2C thought leader Paul D’Arcy at the helm of their marketing program, Miro has experienced exponential growth over the past few years. Their software product, a visual collaboration platform, has thrived in a world of remote and hybrid work. Today, around 40 million people leverage Miro’s platform as a visual canvas for their collaboration efforts. Paul’s team fostered this growth with a deep focus on building an excellent customer experience (CX), sharing it with potential customers, and then listening to feedback to constantly improve it.