Take a walk on the Wilder side – updates from the Faculty Lounge (Mid-Nov)

This will be the first of several updates from the CLG Campus faculty lounge.

First, I want to welcome everyone who arrived on Campus for the beta launch. Creating The CLG Campus has been a personal goal of mine for several years. I have always wanted to create a place where marketers can learn and grow together, and go beyond just a product oriented academy to a place of collaborative learning that focuses on helping people improve their craft and accelerate their career. I remember sharing this wish with industry leaders like Scott Brinker back in 2017, when I left Marketo. Why didn’t I create it sooner? Basically, my kids were little and I spent most of my extra time with them. But now, thanks to Base, I have been able to put my energy into the Campus, where I hope to leverage my experience at martech companies such as HubSpot, Marketo and Adobe, but also at ed-tech companies such as Udacity and Coursera.

Since we are in the early stages of this endeavor, I recommend a few places to visit:

This week’s Campus features:

  • From the Learning Center: You will want to check out Prof Eran‘s new Customer-Led Growth: Creating an Action Plan course. This might be the first true CLG course offered on the web. Don’t worry, there will be more.
  • From  the Resource Center: G2 Updated their Buyer Behavior Research Report. You can see it here.
  • From the Resource Center too: New Job Center with the last job listings here.

Some content that caught my eye this past week:

Professional Development Tips:

  • The power of day-to-day decisions: While its important to be goal oriented, it’s important to understand the power of small gains, especially when it comes to day-to-day projects. This is similar to what the book, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything, focused on. In a similar vein, New PwC research shows that starting and stopping smaller projects contribute at least as much to performance as making big, business-level decisions and deals. Project-level and business-level resource reallocation are equally important to performance, with the former accounting for 51% of performance variation in our model associated with resource allocation, and the latter accounting for 49%.
  • Article: 5 Career Principles — Good article about how to approach your next job from The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson.
  • We also offer some workshop videos focused on careers and professional growth here.

Final notes:

Here’s a list of our current faculty members. If you are interested in contributing content or teaching a course, let me know @ wilder@base.ai

If you have any suggestions for us and/or if you see anything that needs fix’n, ping me directly or post a note here.

OK – Time for me to prepare for this week’s classes and events.

See you around Campus.