You Are The Champion: Using Your CMA Super-powers to Unlock a Super-Career Path (Webinar)

The skills you develop as a Customer Marketer can – and should – be put to work to unlock your own professional growth. Despite current market conditions, there are still opportunities out there and others will emerge as we move forward. How do you ensure you are top-of-mind when you’re ready to seize your next opportunity? You become your own champion. We’re excited to be hosting 2 superstar Customer Marketing veterans, who have succeeded in their programs, but have also built up their reputations and established themselves as thought leaders in the B2B space. For both, the self-marketing approach has opened doors for them, and they are passionate about sharing their journey to help others follow suit. Kalina Bryant and Nick Bennett will be telling their stories and giving you tips on: Leveraging social amplification to build a name for yourself in your space Using relationship building skills to nurture a network of peers Demonstrating your program’s successes for buy-in and growth The unbeatable power of elevating others along your journey