Advocacy: It’s about the individual and the company (or the account)

Lets talk Customer Advocacy – When it comes to Customer Advocates, we often think about marketing to and partnering with an individual (it is about people after all) vs. thinking about how to work with ‘the whole company.’ In the B2B world, when we work with a company we work with multiple people at that company vs. just one person.

So, why not take a page from the B2B Account Based Marketing (ABM) playbook, and market to multiple members of a key account or company.

Or as my friend Ed Keller recently reminded me, why not learn from consumer focused companies, such as Disney that markets to the whole family vs. Apple that has family accounts. (There are other B2C examples, but I have family members at both those companies so I also need to be loyal to them : ).

Lean into an ecosystem mindset and approach. Think about the ecosystem of people inside your Advocate’s company

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