How to craft a B2B message that resonates

This post was written by Robert Kaminski

💪 By using Personas

Different people care about different things…

Even if they work at the same company.

🛑 A universal message will NOT be effective.

Instead, translate your core message to the individual.

And take into account what they care about:

👤 Users → the day-to-day (the experience)

🏆 Champions → the challenge (solving the problem)

👑 Decision Makers → moving the needle (outcomes)

🤑 Financial Buyers → ROI (the metrics)

💻 Technical Influencers → Making it work (logistics)


The example shown below (image) is for how Loom might approach multi-persona messaging for a single use case and ICP Target.

Use case → Using personalized videos in a sales process
Target ICP → Companies with enterprise sales teams

⁉️ Are you re-tooling strategic messages for each persona?

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