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  • What are the best SaaS Customer Success Practices?

    Posted by Deleted User on November 22, 2022 at 8:37 am

    Most SaaS companies overlook customer success as a growth driver, they’d rather focus on gaining more members rather than retaining old members.

    But in SaaS, growth and loss rate compounds. Let’s say you are losing 10% of your members every month, that becomes a massive 71.8% over the year. Put another way: If you started the year with 200 customers, you’d only have 56 left by EOY, meaning you’d have to acquire 144 new customers in the year just to break even.

    In case you’re wondering how I define customer success, it simply means; a strategy for helping your customers be successful when using your product.

    Some of the best practices to deploy are;

    Easy Onboarding

    Renewal & Membership Retention

    Customer advocacy


    I spoke to @Jesy recently who leads a customer success team for a SaaS Startup and It got me thinking, are there other professional who work with SaaS companies in this community?

    I’d like us to discuss more best practices. I believe the community at large would love to learn from this thread.

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  • Jesica

    November 23, 2022 at 9:16 am
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    I totally agree with you @Jeph , it is a very common misunderstanding to chase new customers, and not focusing on retention will drive a lot of loss in many ways. One of the most important tasks is to create a trusted relationship where you can help the company to reach their business goals or the purpose of acquiring your product. Adoption takes a lot of effort and sometimes can be painful, it is when you as a CSM need to be.