Level 3 – Customer Advocacy Management & Strategy (Referential)




Level 3 – Customer Advocacy Management & Strategy

A critical analysis of the tools and strategies necessary to sustain program performance and promote program growth, this course educates professionals on the essentials of building an advocacy program from scratch and motivating institutional adoption of customer advocacy strategy. Comprised of lecture, facilitator-led discussion, and class activities that enable participants to apply learnings to their individual programmatic needs (priorities), this course is designed to deliver tangible strategies and methods for cross-functional alignment of program and company goals. Customer Advocacy Management & Strategy covers topics such as standardizing strategic processes for metrics and reporting to promote multi-department program adoption, designing programmatic models for scale and growth that leverage executive buy-in and sponsorship, creating nomination protocols that align with established departmental practices and processes, and architecting efficient, effective advocacy program technology stacks.

Intended audience: We recommend completing this course if you are an experienced advocacy professional responsible for building, managing, and growing an advocacy program or promoting broader visibility and adoption of customer advocacy within your organization. This course material is intended for experienced advocacy practitioners.

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ICCAP Exam Preparation: The topics covered in this course are designed to prepare students for the ICCAP I Certification exam.

Bonus Content: All students enrolled in Level 1 Online Training receive free access to Referential’s ICCAP Level 1 practice exam.