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  • Does anyone have a large discrepancy in ratings on G2 vs Trustpilot?

    Posted by Joe on February 27, 2023 at 2:07 pm

    This question was asked by Rebecca Grossman in the Customer Marketing Community community on Slack. Here’s my response.

    An essential difference between G2 and Trustpilot is their approaches to review moderation. G2 only posts “validated reviews from verified current users.” In contrast, Trustpilot does no moderation. Its stance: “We’re open to all. Reviews are published without moderation.” The result is review sites of very different review scales. Trustpilot has 83x more reviews than G2: 167 million reviews vs. G2’s 2 million reviews. It’s a little scary to think there’s no moderation process and that by its own account, Trustpilot has removed 2.2 million fraudulent reviews in a year – more than ALL the reviews on G2. While that might sound impressive, there are probably many more that make it through.

    So one possibility for the discrepancy is review bombing. At PartnerStack, we’re in a similar spot to you. On G2, we have a 4.7 rating on ‎529 reviews. On Trustpilot, we have 2.2 rating on 18 reviews. We had one customer that ran a partner program campaign that paid partners for leads. Someone figured out how to send bogus leads and still get paid. They made a YouTube video about it, and it went viral fast. By the time it was escalated at PartnerStack, many “partners” were getting paid for bogues leads, and they needed to be removed from the program because of their fraudulent behaviour. In revenge, one of them posted a way to get back in a Facebook group: write a 1-star review on PartnerStack on Trustpilot (See screenshot attached).

    Trustpilot does have a process to complain about flag reviews. According to Trustpilot: click the small flag in the bottom right section of the review, and (apparently) they (the reviews) will have to provide proof that they were paying customers of the business or the reviews will be taken down. We did this to no avail, but it might be worth trying if any of your current 32 reviews aren’t legitimate. We’re still trying to resolve our matter with Trustpilot many months later rather than trying to “drown out” the review bombing with a more representative set of new reviews, which is another tactic you can try to offset the low rating.

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